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10458345_501350153332869_3318250447769687001_nWelcome! I’m Cheryl, and these days I am striving to live life more gracefully and wholeheartedly.

In my life I’ve been blessed with opportunities to explore the world and experience the profound beauty and pain of humanity. I remain awe-inspired by the strength and courage of people to make the world a better place, and I also feel grateful to have wonderful friends and family alongside me.

Life has also had its discontents, and the last year has been particularly challenging – my partnership ended, I completed my doctorate, and I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. It’s been an intense time to say the least.

Traversing this complexity has been, and is, interesting. There are moments when I feel sadness, anger and confusion, and others when I feel profound hope and gratitude. I am also discovering my courage and strength; I am finding me!

Along this journey, one word has continued to resonate with me – grace. This blog documents my quest to understand and be grace amidst cancer and uncertainty. Through it, I hope to share my journey – recognizing we all fall from grace sometimes – and explore the essence of what living full of grace truly means.

I thank you for joining me on my journey.

With grace,



  1. Kaia

    You are so beautiful.
    I LOVE you, Dear Soul Sister!

    1. Cheryl (Post author)

      I love you too Kaia, I love you too!

  2. Roisin

    Cheryl, thoughts of our days in Liverpool and how we four pioneers worked so well together and found friendships that continue to mean something special still sustain me at certain moments. I hope we can sustain you in some small way with our thoughts and love, which we send out across the universe. I’m following your journey and we will definitely cross on some path again soon….in Ireland or Denmark or Switzerland or Canada or maybe even Liverpool! Until then, much, much love.

  3. Lori Peek

    Cheryl – Thank you for doing this… for all of us. the insights and beauty that you are sharing here is making the world a brighter, more kind, and more loving place. In short, you are spreading the grace as you are seeking to explore and understand it. Thank you for your generous heart and spirit.

  4. Gehan

    Cheryl, you are an amazing, strong, inspirational woman. I love the honesty in your writing, the humanness, the determination. May you always be surrounded by grace…

    Warm wishes for the new year from Cairo,


    1. Cheryl (Post author)

      Thank you Gehan. Your words mean ever so much! Looking forward to connecting again soon.

  5. Ahava Shira

    Cheryl, it is an honour to read your blog and to listen to your courageous journey. When I was at the beginning of my long journey to healing from sexual abuse, I wrote a poem called Grace. I thought I would share it here:

    She used to live in a hole in the couch
    but the noise from the television
    became unbearable
    so she moved

    to a crack in the bathroom sink
    where she only had to feel his slimy hands on her at rare intervals, between the

    there she could lay back against the cool porcelain and let the water spill over her
    sanctifying her naked body
    with every wash

    at night when he was asleep she would spread herself fully against the basin like his body against the couch
    and listen

    as the thick drops filtered out of the
    faucet, heavy in anticipation until they would meet her skin and theirs
    making love!

    There’s a reprise too! The near-to-last few stanzas are especially powerful:

    She found her way back to loving
    and it was just another basin
    a different type of cage

    the rage caught up to her
    she held it in her gut
    looked her feelings in the face

    and with Grace
    she became more than a pronoun
    a living breathing name

    the earth, she set it free
    the trees, she set it free

    the guilt the shame the doubt
    she set them down and she was free

    no more a silent woman keeping
    her body tucked inside the sink
    she went another way, her way, home

    If any of the poem has meaning for you, that will be wonderful. Writing poetry has been a significant form of medicine for me.

    One more thing: A year ago, I gave a reading and talk on Salt Spring about my journey with poetry, and called it Grace and Gratitude.

    I hope you have a beautiful healing day.
    WIth much love and care, Ahava

    1. Cheryl (Post author)

      Thank you for sharing Ahava! xo


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