Slow down. Integrate.

May was an incredibly rich, yet full month! I was immersed in teaching, writing, and spending time with my friend Juliet from Uganda. Then June came, and what began as a faint whisper, grew to a dull roar, where my body called me to a halt, urging me to slow down and integrate.  And, yet this time, rather than ignoring it, I chose to listen. Instead of heading to Vancouver to attend a training last weekend, I returned home to Salt Spring to rest. I relished in the simple things: long walks on the beach, cleaning, and drinking tea on the front porch, and I rearranged my summer plans to create more space to slow down and integrate. It was decadent and absolutely refreshing; it left me wanting more.

It’s time to slow down and immerse myself in all that is and all that awaits!

As many of you know, the last couple of years for me have been both incredibly complex and life altering, where, through the ups and downs of cancer, career, and life more generally, I’ve thrust myself into a process of shedding, noticing, shifting, and transforming. This process has been both nourishing and enlivening, however, it’s also been incredibly demanding, and at times, tiring. Now, in this steadier state of health and well-being, I’m being urged to slow down, to integrate the lessons learned and breathe into this newer version of myself: to fully step into the person I’m becoming. This process of slowing down doesn’t necessarily come easily for me, and yet I know it is time.

It’s time to slow down and immerse myself in all that is and all that awaits!

Perhaps serendipitously, I’m embarking on a five-week journey tomorrow to Banff to rest, reintegrate, and renew. Nestled amidst the mountains, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to sit for awhile and cultivate new ideas, passions, and ways of being. I’m also looking forward to forging new connections with others and the world around me. In particular, though, and perhaps most selfishly, I’m looking forward to time with myself to stop and sit for awhile, where I can reflect upon the experiences of the past couple of years and dream into the possibilities that lie ahead. I’m also excited to sojourn solo tomorrow and settle into being 36 for the next year: a year committed to slowing down and integrating all that has come before and all that awaits discovery!

It’s time to slow down and immerse myself in all that is and all that awaits!

It’s time to slow down and step into the newer story that I’m living.

It’s time to integrate. Now is the time. I’m ready!




  1. Juliet

    I am so glad that you are listening to your body more. Am more proud that you have decided to take time, slow down and integrate. Happy 36th birthday my lady.

  2. steven barer

    beautifully, and poignantly, reflected, as always. know you are supported in choosing the path less travelled – choosing consciousness is a struggle, rewarding; I remain honoured in your sharing, moved as witness.


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