Show me how to shed and shine

I have been back from the Ecuadorian jungle for well over a month now and I am still struggling to put words to the experience. I feel different although I can’t quite describe it. In many ways I feel transformed; a different person, or perhaps I am simply more open to who I am.

My time in the jungle – alongside the Sapara people and dear friends – offered space for intense reflection, clarity and insight. This wasn’t an intellectual exercise either; it was a visceral, full body experience. Through cleansings, rituals, dream interpretation, and deep connections with land and spirit, I literally felt the shedding and sandblasting of the old, and the birth and expansiveness of something new. It was almost as if my cellular composition changed and the Amazon helped make my intention for the trip come alive: “Show me how to shed and shine!”

I also felt a strong draw or desire to live closer to nature, spend more time in solitude, and “spark” or “ignite” transformation in others, particularly young people. It was as if the jungle was showing me what I needed in my life to shine. Interestingly, since returning from Ecuador things have shifted for me quite substantially: I moved from Victoria back to Salt Spring, took my house off the market, and started a new job with The Academy of Tomorrow, a leadership school in Vancouver. I can’t quite explain how or why things have transpired this way (e.g. I wasn’t necessarily looking for a job), however I do believe my time in the jungle has helped me to let go, trust and be more open to the power of possibility.

Moving forward, I wish to hold onto my Amazon experience, remembering the sights, sounds and feelings I experienced so intensely. I also hope to retain and remember the visceral experiences of shedding and shining. My time in Ecuador helped me to become more of who I am and for that – and much much more – I feel deeply honoured and profoundly grateful.


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  1. momma sandy

    Darling girl, you have always shined but now I see you shine for you and it is even more beautiful.


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