A journey into the unknown…

I’m going on an international journey (actually the journey has already begun; I’m currently sitting in the airport in Bogota, Colombia awaiting my flight to Ecuador)!!!! It’s been nearly 14 months since I’ve travelled outside of North America, and while I’ve travelled extensively in the past, this feels different. In many ways it feels like the first time, and I suppose in some ways it is. It is my first international trip since being diagnosed with cancer last summer!  This is also the first non-work research trip I’ve taken internationally in quite a few years. Rather the focus of this trip is my own healing and personal growth.

I don’t yet know many of the trip’s specifics (I’ve intentionally not asked many questions), although I do know that we will be heading into the Ecuadorian jungle to spend time with and learn from  the Sapara people. I also anticipate that it will be life-changing in some capacity; although I’m trying to suspend my assumptions, judgments, and expectations and allow the experience to unfold.

I’m filled with both fear and excitement! I’m curious to see how the trip unfurls and also how I will manage international travel with cancer. I know people do it all the time and in some ways it feels like a bit of test: How will this experience differ from previous travel and how will it be the same; also how will it inform my decision to work internationally in the future? At this stage I simply do not know, yet I’m delighted to take this step into the unknown unknown and explore a little. Now certainly feels like the right time, in fact life feels too short not to!

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

With grace,






  1. Amy Jackson

    Wow. M.I.A. I am in awe, proud of you, missing you and jealous!
    :insert cute heart here:

  2. Vanessa Currie

    Yay! so excited for you! Have so much fun! xoxo


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