My heart is overflowing

I’ve been trying to write this post for a few days now and haven’t been able to find the words. In short, my heart is overflowing with grace and gratitude thanks to all of you!

Last week, I attended a retreat hosted by Young Adult Cancer Canada, and it was an incredibly rich experience.  In many ways it was life changing. It gently forced me to step into a place where I can accept, and no longer deny, that I have cancer! That was a big one! It also provided the opportunity to meet 35 awesome individuals who have been deeply affected by cancer (they have/had cancer themselves and/or supported a loved one). Together we laughed, cried, laughed some more, and shared our hopes and fears about our cancer journeys. I feel honoured to call these beautiful people friends! Thank you Teva, Karine, Lindsay, Stephanie, Lois, Meghan, David, Jasmine, Jody, Laura Z., Joseph, Cavell, Dan, Sarah, Marcel, Daniela, Jeanna, Julia, Asha, Trevor, Norma, Shelley, Mitch, Nicole, Saima, Marge, Maitham, Sharleen, Laura P., Fred, Asha, Noviley, Steve, Lynsey, and Jocelyn. My life feels richer with you in my circle!10389229_10205340783984820_7667208893197002502_n

In the last few weeks, my dear friend and colleague Suzanne also started an online fundraiser to help raise funds to support me along my cancer journey (Thank you Suzanne!). I am overwhelmed and deeply humbled by the generosity and support of many friends, family, and kindred spirits. Thank you Judy, Suzanne, IICRD, Lynda, Jamie, Heather, Renate, Eileen, Steve, NBC and family, Charlene, Shelly, Lianne, Cara, Janice, Wayne and Martha, Sharon, Donna and Rick, Allison and Greg, Janet, Adrianne, Beth, Katherine, Aya, Roberta, Gwen, Linda, Michelle, Geertulda, Brenda, Lisa, Nicolle, Melinda, Kristen and family, Sarah, Christine, Deb and family, Isabel, Amy and family, Theo and Sarah, ZAR, Lorraine, Cheryl, Dave, Steve, Adrian, Peter, Kim, Cathy, Janet and Jay, Jean, Sarah, Gillian, Danielle, Chris, Momma, Liz, and many more! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Words cannot express how grateful I feel.

My heart is overflowing with the love and support of so many. I feel both held and supported! You have helped me to unleash my inner strength to gracefully walk this journey, and I feel deeply blessed to have such an amazing circle of people in my life. Thank you ever so much! From the words of William Shakespeare:





  1. Michael

    Howdy Chez, I don’t often express my thoughts and feelings (very well) It’s admirable, yet not surprising that you have the strength and clarity to be able to share the journey / fight with those family and friends closest to you. I wish we weren’t so far away from you, as does Danielle I’m sure.. I know as both sisters and friends, both yourself and Danielle were and are very close. So as basically the main reason for that vast distance between you both, I’m truly sorry. Keep strong, stay safe and know we’re thinking of you.

  2. Suzanne

    Dear beautiful Cheryl,
    You deserve it!
    You bring so much joy and love to us all. Glad to see you supported on this journey.


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